Harvest Share and Swap news

Back on August 26 we had a successful Harvest Share and Swap.  Folks brought in many items to share and much was harvested from the demonstration garden. 


     *    In the demonstration garden, we have taken everything down, and removed the plants.


     *     We planted Garlic in October, covered the plot with straw.  Lord willing, we'll harvest the fruits after July 4, 2018


     *    We fed the strawberries  compost, and put them to bed with a covering of straw.


     *    We planted a large variety of flower blubs, Lord willing, you'll see them blooming around Easter Sunday (April 1, 2018).  


     *    We had a follow up meeting to review this past year:  what worked well, what we would do different, what we could  improved on.


     *    We also are making next years' COMPOST.  We received 6 loads of steer/horse donations, and they are cooking in the covered pile right now.  We aim to turn it several times before we screen it for next year's garden.


       *   WE heard back from several of you that your gardens were a blessing to you.  Our aim and goal is to see you succeed in your gardens.


       *     Lessons we learned from this past year:

1) after you pick your dry shell beans, you need to get them out of the shell and dry out quickly.  I didn't do that, and we lost almost all of the harvest to mold, in only a week's time. 

2)  I will not mix the compost in the soil, but will make a furrow and place the compost in it, and plant the seeds below it.  (You could see the difference in plant growth and height where the compost was in greater strength). 

 3)  the drip system worked well, the hoop house really helped the tomatoes and cucumbers ripen, the fence only keeps humans out, and folks really enjoy being neighbors and talking about what they learned, worked, or failed in their gardens.


      *     We'll start this planning all over again in January 2018.  If you want to be a part of this planning, please let me know.  We would love to have you join us.   Pastor Daryl Bennett, (Master Gardener)


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