What Outreach Programs are You Involved In?

This is our "Get into Heaven Free"card.  This is a very popular card and well received by the general public.

We provide opportunities in small group settings for folks to learn and ask questions about Jesus or Christianity. Please call the church office at 928-527-8977 for dates, times, places.

We take our gospel tracts out to public places and give them to who ever will take them. We like to use the "Get into Heaven Free Card." We wear our "TRUST JESUS" T-shirts in many places. We take the Gospel message to our university, parades, and places where there are lots of people.

Check Out Our Other Website: "Get N 2 Heaven"

Our "Get Out of HELL Free Card" is very well received.  Please see our other web site for more information and questions you might be asking about Heaven and Hell.




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