Please Join us Saturday, May 18 from 9 to 11 am. (come and go)




      East Valley Gardening Network would like to assist you in making your own garden successful by providing seminars and a place to exchange knowledge, ideas, excess produce, share tools, and any thing else that might be helpful.

     On this web-site, we will be listing the seminar topics and dates.  

    Our first seminar, May 18, Sat. was a great success. (see card above for what we did and gave out).  June 1, Sat. at 9:30 am our Gardening seminar was "How to Build a Drip Irrigation System, & How to Make Raised Beds" taught by a Master Gardener.

     Saturday, June 15,  "How to build a Hoop House."  

     June 29, Sat. at 9:30 am "Before You Buy a Small Green House, Come to this Seminar!" taught by Master Gardener Lexi.

      Saturday July 13 at 9:30 am  “My Garden has Bugs, What do I do?”
      Saturday July 27 at 9:30 am  “How & What Do I feed my Garden?” 

 At each meeting, we have children’s activities, so bring the kids too!

     Saturday Aug. 10 we looked at "911  Care for your Garden - Part I, followed by a brief intro. to "Benefits of Container & Vertical Gardening" with an opportunity to see one at a neighbor's house.

     Saturday August 24 at 9:30 am "911 Care for Your Garden - Part II"  Here are some of the concerns we will look at: My leaves are yellow, My leaves seem to be burnt on the outer edges, Something is eating my tomato plant, My plants are not growing bigger like they should.  My blossoms are falling off.  My leaves are falling off, My leaves have a  white powder on them, Why can I not grow strawberries here? and several other concerns.

     On Saturday Sept. 7 & 21 we have a Gardening Camp for KIDS and Adults. 9:30 am to 11:00.  We will have stations for the KIDS to visit and make garden items, and take home.

      On Sunday, Aug. 25, at 5 pm,  we are having Harvest Feast I which will include fresh grilled corn, and other items from the garden that you can bring prepared.  Then on Sunday Sept. 29 we will have Harvest Feast II, which will include items that don't mind the frost (potatoes, beans, carrots, etc.) that you can bring prepared in your favorite dish to share also.  Both Feast begin at 5:00 pm


Side Notes:

     We have uncovered the plants to find fully grown cabbage, squash, flowers, and other cool weather plants.  We have tomatoes on the vine, beginning to ripen.  We are now harvesting  squash, green beans, cucumbers, garlic, cabbage, and peas.  Our Giant Pumpkins are on the vine, but will not be ready for the county fair in 2 weeks.  The corn is looking like it will be ready for the Harvest Feast in 10 days.  We are still fighting the bugs, and gophers.  We have hooked up a water collection system and use that to water some of the garden.

      We chose to call our meetings: East Valley Gardening Network, with our aim to have tables set up for folks to use for items to share, take, and hear your stories.  Come join us! 






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