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      We  gave out about 3000 plants at the Plant Give-Away on Sat. June 3.  We hope your garden is growing well.  We had two classes--one in June (feeding your plants), and one in July (your garden's pH).  We aim to have a class in August in using your garden produce in cooking.  We'll send out an e-mail to all those who registered at the plant give away of the date and time.

       We have planted tomatoes and cucumbers in the green house here at the church.  We have been busy with flood mitigation the past two months.    We are letting the garden area rest this year, the main reason for this is the Bible tells us to let it rest every 7 years, and this is the seventh year.  But also this allows the soil microbes to get ahead in breaking down the organic matter for next year's crop.    The experiment that we started last year of planting our two apple trees in a wind protection cover is working well.  In fact the Gala apple tree has fruit on it.  We fertilized the two old apple trees at the South corner of the church property and they too, are doing fine, and have fruit as well.


 We hope you had a successful garden, and look forward to working with you in the spring. 

     You can always e-mail us at evbc2012@gmail.com




East Valley Gardening Network provides free gardening items to encourage you to plant, grow and harvest your own garden.  We offer free classes to help the home gardener succeed here in Flagstaff.


Where:   East Valley Baptist Church, 10655 N. US Hwy 89  Please call us for more information, or concerns you may have.  
East Valley Gardening Network, 928-527-8977

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Side Notes:

       We hope the Demonstration Garden has been a blessing to you and to others.  As I told folks here, the Lord blessed this garden, to show everyone they need the Lord in their life to be blessed.  The Bible has a road map to help you find Him.  May you bear fruit in your life for the glory  of the one who Created you.   

    Pastor and Master Gardener

               Daryl Bennett






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