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   We have harvested the demonstration garden, and put the land to rest for the winter.  We have covered the strawberries with a row cover & straw for the winter.  The carrots are harvested.     We are seeking the Lord about what to do for the 2022 garden season and how we can be a blessing to our community.  If you have any comments or ideas to suggest please call or e-mail  us.  We would also love to hear how your garden did this past summer.  We are very thankful to the Lord for the rain we received this summer.  


East Valley Gardening Network provides free gardening items to encourage you to plant, grow and harvest your own garden.  We offer free classes to help the home gardener succeed here in Flagstaff.


Where:   East Valley Baptist Church, 10655 N. US Hwy 89  Please call us for more information, or concerns you may have.  
East Valley Gardening Network, 928-527-8977

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Side Notes:

        We  planted garlic back in October.   We took down the plastic on the large hoop house for the winter, but left it over the strawberries.  We have dealt with our pocket gophers.  We  dug up the flower bulbs and placed them in cold storage.    We are doing a review of this past season to learn from our mistakes and successes.   We are in the process of making compost for 2022.  We planted two apple trees.  We have watered the trees for December.  We are making preparations to provide wind protection for the fruit trees and aim to put them up in the spring. 

      I have one thing to up date you on.  We planted white corn seed that a native American church member provided.  It is seed that is for drying and making into flour.  (I  didn't think we would even get any corn this past summer, the drought was so bad the elk came down from the peaks and ate the tops off all our corn, so they were 3 weeks behind schedule.)  But they did ear out and we got a harvest.  We left the corn on the stalks till we had a solid freeze, and then harvested them.  We left the ears on a table inside the building to dry out, and then the same person who provided the seed, showed us how to shell the seed off the husks.  We took the dry seed, ground it up to flour and made some great tasting corn bread.   We have ordered & received the u-channels to hold down the plastic on the hoop /green houses.  (These channels came from Amazon, instead of Johnny's which their prices are sky high).   We look forward to sharring with you what we have learned this past year and showing you in person.   I want to say thanks to the two folks who made donations toward the garden endeaver.  Much appreciated.

       We hope the Demonstration Garden has been a blessing to you and to others.  As I told folks here, the Lord blessed this garden, to show everyone they need the Lord in their life to be blessed.  The Bible has a road map to help you find Him.  May you bear fruit in your life for the glory  of the one who Created you.   

    Pastor and Master Gardener

               Daryl Bennett



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